Women Daisy Bra Comfortable Convenient Front Close Button Cotton Bras For Older Women Wireless Push Up Bra


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Color: Black

purple gray
Bean paste color

Bands Size: 48 110

48 110
44 100
40 90
36 80
52 120
SKU: 14:173#Black;200000246:200000331#48 110
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The Women Daisy Bra merges comfort with convenience, offering a front-close button design tailored for older women. This cotton, wireless push-up bra ensures comfort and support, making it a perfect blend of functionality and style. Ideal for daily wear, it promises ease and a flattering lift.


Bra Style: One-piece

Style: Everyday

Material: Polyester, Acrylic, Spandex

Support Type: Wire-Free

Cup Shape: Three Quarters(3/4 Cup)

Mold Cup Thickness: Thin Mold Cup

Strap Type: Strapless


1. Due to the influence of many factors such as display brightness and light brightness, the actual color of the item may be slightly different from the image displayed on the website.
2. Please allow slight differences from manual measurement.

Size Choices: Daisy Bras offer a variety of size choices so that older women can find the right size for them. Please refer to the size chart for selection

Additional Information

Black, purple gray, apricot, Bean paste color

Bands Size

48 110, 44 100, 40 90, 36 80, 52 120