Instant Volume Lip Plumper Oil

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Size: 3x5.5ml

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Introducing our Instant Volume Lip Plumper Oil, the perfect addition to your beauty routine for luscious and plump lips. This innovative lip plumper is formulated with natural ingredients that work together to boost volume, hydrate, and nourish your lips.

Our Instant Volume Lip Plumper Oil is easy to apply and provides an instant plumping effect that lasts all day long. The lightweight, non-sticky formula glides on smoothly, leaving your lips looking fuller and more defined. Plus, the subtle tint adds a touch of color to enhance your natural beauty.

Whether you're looking to enhance your lips for a special occasion or simply want a daily beauty boost, our Instant Volume Lip Plumper Oil is the perfect solution. Try it out today and get ready to love your lips like never before!


  • Keep for more than 6 hours
  • Clear luster, reflective luster and extremely high moisture content.
  • Moisturizes chapped lips with fine lines, improves lip peeling and dryness problems


  • Before coloring, use it as base makeup, color, soften and increase the lip color, or use it on
  • Lipstick to make it shiny and plump.
  • For severe lip care, it can be used alone, before makeup, or overnight.

Package Included:

  • 1 x Liquid Lip Oil    
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3PC Set, 3 PC Set, Set, Set 2PC, Set 3PC, Set 5PC, Color Change, Light yellow, Pearly, Spice


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